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July/August Album of the Month
File Under: Punk
rating: B+
1  Intro
2. Movement
3. Annihilation of the Generations
4. Here Comes the Underground
5. Boredom
6. Love and Chaos
7. Reuters
8. Boys and Girls
9. We Want You
10. The Future is Now
11. Illegal Operations
12. We Will Come To You
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    Evolution of Energy

    Geffen Records
    by Jason Cipriano

    S.T.U.N. can be very easily summed up in their own words from the chorus of "Here Comes the Underground," "The only solution/ That speaks for everyone/ Stand up for the conclusion/ Revolution." Tackling some topics that are a bit too taboo in our society, Christiane J, the voice of S.T.U.N. (Scream Toward the Uprising of Non-Conformity), stands up, and screams out S.T.U.N.ís conclusion that revolution is the only solution for music and society. Evolution of Energy is a hearty meal for your ears, peppered with some politics and some fast and heavy guitars to wash it down. Evolution of Energy teaches the listener a lesson about what real punk rock was, and still is, about: Kicking Ass and Taking Names

    One listen of this album and anyone can tell just what S.T.U.N. stand for; itís your usual rebellion, revolution, and change theme. However, this message hasnít really been heard with such force and conviction in a very long time, going back as far as, perhaps, punk gods, The Clash. Very few tracks deviate from this message, but S.T.U.N. manage to make every track different enough to make them enjoyable. Every few years a voice of change tries to scream through, and if even one person hears it they have done their job; S.T.U.N. are screaming at the top of their lungs, and hopefully someone is listening.

    The music itself should not be overlooked here. Lately, the label of "punk" is being put on a wide variety of bands that donít really deserve it, for a variety of different reason, but S.T.U.N. should be put at the forefront of the new punk scene. Their songs are short, fast, and reactionary. Guitars and bass explode on the fast tracks almost as much as the vocals. The slow (slow is a relative term here) cuts on Evolution of Energy, like Ö come to think of it, there arenít really any slow tracks on this album, almost every second of this album is constructed extremely well with a good proportion of vocals to instruments. This proportion creates an album that flows extremely well, and kicks the listeners ass at the same time.

    Sum 41ís first album was entitled Half Hour of Power, and had that title not been taken, S.T.U.N. really should have consider that for this album, even though Evolution of Energy does fit pretty well. Half Hour of Power might have been a slightly more descriptive title since itsí lyrics support change like a vaguer Rage Against the Machine. With all the energy of Zach de la Rocha and Joe Strummer combined S.T.U.N. explodes in their creation of this album, and the messages that scream change. This album is worth at least one listen for anyone who isnít content with something, and just listen to what S.T.U.N. has to say.

    Jason Cipriano is the Senior Editor. Contact him at jasonc@rockzone.com.

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